My practice deals with the multiple ways of interpreting the meaning of value and the audiences’ perception of worth, with a particular emphasis on our society’s relationship with currency. I predominantly work by illegally displaying work in public spaces, using hand cut stencils, alongside a variety of transient materials such as wheat paste posters and stickers. The artworks encompass the significance of value, from the initial process of printing, to dissemination and eventual material demise.

Through displaying my artwork in a public setting, it becomes free and accessible for all and is purposefully submitted to various threats. Prone to decay, the posters are designed with the ephemeral in mind which makes it unsellable and arguably ‘valueless’. I continue the idea of value through my choice of cheap and widely available materials - newsprint paper and homemade glue - prepared using flour and water, commonly known as wheat paste. The attraction to the wheat paste poster is not only cost, but because of its fragility within the natural elements.

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Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @broke.art.uk

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